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Thread: Rabbit Flicking Head and Jumping

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    Default Rabbit Flicking Head and Jumping

    Recently got a new lionhead lop. He's about 12 weeks old and called Roo

    He seems to be getting on well and there are no general problems, but when we let him out he sometimes sprints and jumps, flicking his head repeatedly. Sometimes it seems like binkying but other times it is more violent

    I'm not sure whether it's to do with any noises or things that may be frightening him or something else, maybe the fact that his ears are slowly beginning to drop and are off balance

    Does this warrant a trip to the vets?

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    To me it does just sound like he's happy. Sometimes they race around and do really high twists and jumps, they might even get so excited that they bump in to things, sometimes they might just do a little binky on the spot and just shake their head. It could also be that he's a bit confused by his new floppy ears, or perhaps an insect buzzing around his ears. Have a good look inside his ears and check there's no dirt or discharge, if there isn't any and he's not scratching at the ear then I doubt there's a problem, but you could try film it next time and post it on here
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