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Thread: What rabbit doesn't like nose rubs?

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    That's reassuring, I thought all bunnies liked them. He's on his own at the moment so it's not like he has another bun to groom him. He doesn't mind his body being stroked just his head. Sounds like I wanna give him nose rubs more than he wants then
    Nah, most of mine would rather I left them alone and I wouldn't even dare try it with Dottie, she'd probably have my finger (to be fair she has calmed down a lot!) x

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    My boy bun enjoys nose rubs from me now. Although when I first got him he did back away from me so it took him a little bit of time to enjoy them. He only likes them from me though. He gets grumpy if anyone else strokes him, which I must admit makes me feel special!

    It took my female several months to accept nose rubs and even now it's only when she's in the mood and you have to approach from exactly the right angle.

    Having said all that at the moment they do tend to scarper from me. Mainly because they're both going through quite a heavy moult and they know every time I approach they'll be getting a vigorous brush down! You'd think they'd appreciate me getting rid of that annoying loose fur but obviously not!

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    Rabbits have a blind spot around the nose area so it could just be because they can't see what you're doing?

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    My bridge girl Cleo wouldn't tolerate me stroking her anywhere at all.Her husband Rio loved being stroked anywhere but especially his cheeks and ears.The only way I could sneak a petting of her was when Rio groomed her and she had her eyes closed.They would be lying at my feet under a small table.I would bend down and gently rub her ears.Know I know she did like it,but if she opened her eyes and saw ut was me she would sit up and run away. I do miss them both.



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