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Thread: Cheap/DIY rabbit tunnel

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    Default Cheap/DIY rabbit tunnel

    I've been reading up about rabbit runaround tunnels and I'd love to give my bunnies (which I don't yet have as I'm waiting on an RSPCA home visit) to have the opportunity of a run around as I think they concept is going to mirror their natural environment really well. They will have free rein of the garden when supervised as it's bunny proof and I do have a 6ft run I intend to keep them in most daytime so they're not massively in need of the additional space. But I still love the idea of of the runaround tunnel because it's stimulating for them too.

    I do adore the ones they sell from this site- but for the size I'm hoping for it's going to be 85 purely for the piping, without postage, as I'm currently between jobs I can't really justify the cost. I do have DIY tools and some skills so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to reduce the cost. I've looked at an old thread on here and they said about a duct hose and had a link to a seller but after trolling 2000 products they aren't selling them anymore. I don't know if it was just a usual duct piping or if it was thicker than the common ones used for tumble dryers.

    I'll continue to research it further, any ideas in the mean time will be very appreciated.

    If it's not possible I'll just have to save up or wait till my birthday in November hahah.
    Thank youuu

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    You can usually get offcuts of land drain pipes on ebay or local contractors, which are what Runaround pipes were based on. They come in different diameters (so check what size you need for your rabbits) and either smooth inside (double walled, unperforated) or perforated (ridged inside)

    I also found these:

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    I have used ‘flexible, perforated, land drainage pipe’ that I got from a local builders yard. I got an off cut for 5 - which is exactly the same as the one that runaround uses. My rabbits love it!



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