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Thread: slight dilemma - will a trio of 2 males and 1 female work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siegmeyer View Post
    Hi guys, sorry for butting in, but why do you think MMF bonds work well? I've read the posts in the forum about bonding groups and to think seriously about adding a third bunny and what the benefits are for your existing pair/group and I couldn't think of any.

    I had a rather large lady (compared to my Netherland dwarfs- she wasn't a giant or anything) living with my two Netherland dwarfs as a trial and we just felt like because of her size she was just bullying the smaller male and she bonded better to the larger male rabbit and we felt like the little one was sort of being left out because of his personality and size (he only weighs 800grams).

    However I absolutely loved having her and it broke my heart to send her home and I thought maybe it was just the size difference? I suppose I now feel like as expected animals will form a hierarchy or have a preference and someone ends up at the bottom of the pile and they get less attention from the other rabbits.....

    Or could this be just because of Nibbles (my tiny male) behaviour? As the two males are my only rabbits I would always want to prioritise them and now I feel like Nibbles wouldn't fair well with a group, but am I wrong? (Are they benefits to having different genders living together, thats my main question really)
    Hi, I completely agree with you and of course my main priority will always be my two current bunnies - they mean the world to me! But I can't stop thinking about this other little bunny, and he deserves a chance. I will try bonding them, but sadly if I see it's not working out then the lady has agreed to take him back. But i'm hoping I can just persuade my partner to keep him outdoors and maybe find him a new friend. I've known this particular bunny for years and will try everything so he can have the twilight years he deserves.

    My two are little mini lops, and this older bunny is a much bigger lion lop but I've read up that size doesn't always matter so I'm hoping this should be okay. I know there is also the worry that one bunny will be left out, but I know how close my two are, and they have so much attention from me and my partner, I'm hoping they will be okay. I'm guessing we'll just have to wait and see and I'll be sure to keep you updated
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    Good luck, hope it all works out and you have a quick and easy bond. I have a MMF, originally a MM pair and adding a female. It was a quick bond for me so fingers crossed yours will be too

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    Aww he is a gorgeous little chap ❤️❤️❤️ I've got everything crossed for a smooth bond when he arrives!

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