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Thread: Unbonded and fighting

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    Default Unbonded and fighting

    Hi all

    I really need advice please.

    I have an 18 month spayed female Lily, and a 6 year old neutered male Aaron. Both rescued and both up to date for Myxomatosis, RHD and RHD2.

    They have been bonded and happy for 8 months. I did the bonding myself last September.

    But they have started fighting - badly.

    They were vet checked last week and she could find nothing wrong to explain the aggression.

    They are now separated and each have a run and own hutch side by side - they can see each other.

    I fear re-bonding may not be possible as they had such a bad fight with damage to Aaronís ears.

    But I really want to try to get them to fall in love again if possible.

    I canít move them apart as no space, but should I make it so they cant see one another for a while?

    If anyone has a step-by-step plan for re-bonding I would really love to hear from you

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    There wasn't another animal in the garden such as a fox or cat which could have sparked the fighting off? If this isn't the case, do you know which rabbit started the fight? Couldit be the time of year - Spring fever - when some females get broody, even when spayed? Were they outside when it happened. Or maybe your female detects some weakness in your male so she has started bullying him and he retaliated? Have you an area where you can re-introduce them, somewhere your female hasn't been and where they can spend a few weeks being re-bonded? If they fight in this area, then maybe keeping them apart for a month or so before trying again. Did you bond them in a small space last year?



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