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Thread: Checking bunnyís back end

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    I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on checking my (very wriggly!) Netherland Dwarfís back end.
    Iíve watched quite a few YouTube videos of people checking this area on a rabbit but when I try to get Dobby into a similar position, he kicks a lot and tries to get away. Iím really worried heís going to hurt himself if I keep trying, but it seems like something I need to be able to check, particularly with the warmer weather starting.

    I donít have any reason to believe heís having problems with any sticky poos right now but Iíd like to be able to keep an eye on the area to make sure fly strike doesnít become an issue.

    If anyone has any advice on getting a look at his back end and what exactly I need to be watching out for, Iíd really appreciate it. Iím still a fairly new bunny parent, so Iím still learning!

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    Some rabbits are rather awkward aren't they! How if you had something tasty in one hand and while he is nibbling at that just lift his tail up and you should be able get a reasonable view.

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    Thanks so much, Iíve just tried this and think I had some success!
    Sorry to be a little graphic/TMI but if there was any poo sticking to his bum or any sign of flystrike, would it be very obvious?
    Iím not sure what it should feel/look like under there or if I need to be separating his fur to check there too? When I lifted his tail this evening, I could see a little pink/red nub and everything else was white - Iím guessing the little nub is his anus?

    Sorry again to be a bit graphic - Iíve never done this before and Iíd just like to make sure Iím doing it right!

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    don't worry about it! we all have to ask these things from time to time the thing that you're seeing would more than likely be his anus

    here are a couple of articles to check out for symptoms of flystike:



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