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Thread: Unspayed rabbit - bad smell

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    Default Unspayed rabbit - bad smell

    Do unspayed rabbits smell more than spayed ones? Ever since Jelly moved in it’s smelt particularly bad. It smells like when a litter tray hasn’t been changed but it smells like that all the time. To be honest (I assume because she’s unspayed and has just moved in) she just goes to the toilet wherever she wants so that could be why but I am very on top of cleaning and it smells all the time. She is getting spayed soon I just have to make an appointment

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    I don't know, but I too have an unspayed (for now) doe and she often honks.

    The problem was particularly bad when we first got her, it would literally knock you sideways when you open the door, even though she's clean herself and so is her playhouse. Either it's not as bad now or I've become immune. I have noticed that she leaves what looks like sprayed urine around sometimes, so maybe this is the reason.

    I'll be interested to see what others think x

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    I have Tui, who is unspayed and five and a half months old. I have not noticed any smell from her, but she always uses the litter tray and doesn't spray urine. So maybe it's the spraying that causes the smell
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    Unspayed Does urine can sometimes smell 'hormonal' so-to-speak. They are also more likely to territory mark by weeing in various places rather than only in a litter tray. But UTIs can also cause smelly wee/loss of litter tray habits so I'd advise you to consult a Vet about the issue x

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    Also check her scent glands we once had an older girl French lop, and she couldn't be spayed due to age, her scent glands often needs cleaning



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