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Thread: WARNING..Taboo subject...rabbit favourites

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    I chose Frosty and Snowflake in the pet shop simply due to how cuuuute Snowflake looked! I joined ru and along came barc rabbits Tessie and Daisy.

    Snowflake has a certain heart melting something about him. Frosty is the boldest and my two does are utterly beautiful. Love seeing them all chillin together.

    Oh. I also love Boo!

    Jane' Elsa is pretty cute and some of the lovvelies on the bonding nine thread ... This is one of the great things about ru. All that rabbity cuteness and none of the responsabilities!
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    My bunny Batman was such a gentle soul who was just so affectionate, he got out one night and we think he spent the night munching on the gardens opposite, one grew a lot of produce and we heard a lot of sweary words that afternoon

    He came back anyway after calling out his name loudly for about 5/10 mins happy as Larry.

    Currently Luna is my fav. She’s so sweet and will pass on her food for fuss and a good stroke whereas Ralph looks at you like your just the human who feeds him and looks at your hand constantly when your stroking him, I can almost hear his muttering lol but he is a good house bunny atm

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheThreeB's View Post
    Thats kind of you to say, thank you

    Ha yes, Demon Dottie Do you know what though, she's actually been much better recently and will even tolerate a nose rub x
    Goodness me, Demon Dottie has mellowed. Who'd have thought it?! Her hubby must be a good influence on her

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheThreeB's View Post
    Obviously it goes without saying that they are all amazing in their own unique way and I love all of them. But if I had to choose it would probably be fluffy Buffy. Mainly because she's my proudest rabbit achievement as she has come such a long way since we rescued her.

    Here she is x
    Buffy is definitely one of my RU favourites. Partially because I rescued my little nut, Persephone, at the same time. 2 years ago now, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tlcwrites View Post
    Buffy is definitely one of my RU favourites. Partially because I rescued my little nut, Persephone, at the same time. 2 years ago now, though.
    Wow has it really been that long!

    Yeah I know right, Scrappy! I actually think it does have a lot to do with Ziggy, despite scattering their food, he always gives her a little nip if she gets there first. I think he's put her in her place x

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    I love all my bunnies! It's so hard to choose. They are so specially in so many different ways! They all have a special place in my heart. I know my OH has a place for my Charlie bear.

    As for other bunnies, I do love a bit of Joey! I do enjoy all three though, mouses innoncent angelicness and boos cheeky little face. Other bunnies include Catherines Noah bear and Babsies Sable which I am lucky enough to see in real life! I enjoy reading Hillians antics. Chases binkies. JJs potted bunnies. I could go on!

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    I loved Charlie. He was my first after some time and helped me through a horrible time of illness. Thought he was a dog 😂 but his mate Honey is also very special. She's won my ♥ especially as I know if I hadn't have had her she would have been bred in not so nice circumstances. I love my other two, but it's not the same. With Honey no one could get near her to begin with. It was Charlie who mellowed her and now she follows me everywhere and is so loveable.

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    I love all of my 6 of course and go through phases of having favourites at different times. Ive had Lavender and Jet the longest, I had their Mum Willow who was the tamest and used to run in circles round me in the garden. Jet was the runt and I thought she wouldn’t survive but she did and she’s so gentle. Piper is a little git sometimes chasing the girls but so cute when he sits up! Dave is a real character and everyone’s favourite and I’ve not had Pepper long so just getting to know him. Lucy is my current favourite as she’s so gentle and comes lollaping up to me whereas the others skit away.
    My bridge bun Comet was the one who stole my heart, he was grumpy and growled, but followed me around anyway after choosing him at the rescue where he’d been overlooked for years. My heart went out to him and never left and I still miss him.



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