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Thread: Bonding: what should I put in the pen during first meet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyxTaryn View Post
    Yeah, I think I may be over-analysing things! I was going for learn as much about it as I can so I'm prepared and therefore not nervous and so I know how to react to different scenarios. But it may be that in doing that I'm a bit overloaded with different approaches and all the things that might go wrong... I think I will start off simply, with a small-ish space and hay and sit in it with them for about 10 minutes, see how they react. Then if that doesn't go well I can try adding things in to see if that helps, or if it does work, I can gradually get them used to having more space/things to play with or hide in. Wish me luck!

    Yes, there's so many cooks here to spoil the bonding broth

    Just have nerves of steel, that would be my advice, and keep calm Oh and to throw another cat amongst the pigeons - I make a point of having nothing to do with the rabbits I'm bonding unless I have to intervene to separate.

    Loads of good luck vibes
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    Thank you everyone! Fingers crossed and deep breaths then Hopefully they will like each other and not show too much aggression!

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    Fingers crossed. You might be pleasantly surprised!



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