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Thread: Whisper and Dusty.. please read. Bingley, W. Yorks

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    Default Whisper and Dusty.. please read. Bingley, W. Yorks

    This is the hardest thing as a family we have had to do, but due to family commitments we can no longer house Dusty and Whisper

    We got Dusty and Whisper December 2016 aged 6 weeks. They are brother and sister and are inseparable!!!

    Dusty - Male and neutured, very soft and placid
    Whisper - female and neutured, very soft and placid

    All vaccinations done apart from fly strike, due this month.

    They are predominantly indoor rabbits but are put outside to binky and play when not raining. These rabbits have everything! Even our spare room. They are fed the best food, watered twice daily, at least 3 veg and fruit a day being cucumber strawberry tops celery peppers curly Kale etc..... have fresh hay daily and also treats and nibbles.

    They have an indoor 2 tear hutch but they prefer to both lay on a box with a blanket that they have had since 6 weeks. They have tunnels and toys.

    Both are very well litter trained (the odd poo may be seen outside the tray, but all wee's are in the litter box)

    On an evening we open the living room door and put cushions down leading to a big rug (we have laminate that they not so keen on!) they quite happily come in and play and are quite nosy!

    They are always vetted, nails done, vaccinations, and are just about to have their fly strike. Seriously, these rabbits are VERY well looked after.


    Neither like being picked up much no matter what we have tried, but if you get down to their level, they will hop up and kiss you on the lips!


    THEY CAN'T BE SPLIT UP... it will break their hearts. They sleep on each other, groom each other, play fight.... If you can't have both then I won't let them go.

    They are used to LOTS of room, and Dusty loves running and darting about and jumping. Whisper is calmer but when she gets going is hilarious to watch. So I won't give them to someone who only has a small hutch.

    These rabbits are gorgeous... if you can see my daughters post 'Dusty and Whisper' please see how we started their life and pics.... for some reason I can't load pics from my photo bucket account now.

    I AM willing to travel for the right person, I need this to be right not only for the rabbits, but so my kids can see that they will be as happy as they are now.

    I have invested hundreds of pounds into these to make sure they are 100% happy and cared for. I want nothing in return apart from someone that can offer an amazing home and will guarantee that they are looked after as they are now.

    I will try and upload pictures, you are more than welcome to ask for pics, or even better come and see them.

    PLEASE NOTE.... This is not something we have taken lightly and my kids will be devastated. This is why it has to be the correct foster family.

    Any questions please PM me. We are located Bingley West Yorkshire, but will travel for the right family.

    With a saddened heart, Jake. Mills dad.
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    Loving my bunny Whisper.....



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