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Thread: dog chews for rabbits ?

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    Default dog chews for rabbits ?

    I have been advised that you can give dog chews to rabbbits ? I'm assuming only a certain type - has anyone got any advice on this thanks

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    I'm afraid you've been misinformed. No dog treats will be suitable for rabbits.

    The best shop-bought rabbit treats are the Science Selective treat range, and Fibafirst for rabbits could be used as treats too.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    As above, someone has given you duff info. If your after chew toys then there are lots of options designed specifically for rabbits. This is a good website (if your in the UK). They also have lots of natural 'treats' that are more suitable that a lot of the shop bought ones.

    Our rabbits love chew mats, hay tunnels and cubes and willow balls x

    **created by my DD Lionheadlop**

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    Dog chews are usually based on animal by-products and / or contain meat, which makes them unsuitable for herbivorous rabbits.
    There are a few dog treats that are eg dried sweet potato or coconut - they should be OK. Check the packet. Anything with meat, meat derivatives or dairy (eg milk, eggs, cheese) should be avoided. Even some treats aimed at rabbits are not suitable as they contain dairy.

    Hay is always good for rabbits. You can make your own 'chews' eg. by stuffing toilet rolls with hay. Willow toys and apple sticks are also good.

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    thanks all - looking for things for him to gnaw on rather than the door ! have critters choice at the mo but he gets through them q quick and willow balls thanks



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