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Thread: Reaffirming bond in a new place?

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    Apologies if I’ve broken any forum rules

    I did feel extremely affronted on Tonibun’s behalf as she is always someone who takes the time to write often detailed responses and help new people looking for advice - and their rabbits. With hindsight, I could have worded my responses better and not allow myself to be baited. As I get older I find it harder and harder to bite my tongue at rudeness - and especially animal cruelty/neglect/stupidity - which can cause issues for me sometimes.

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    Well that's an awful thing to say about anyone and not very in keeping with the forum rules either.
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    ‘Tentatively pops her head in’ I think we’ve all learnt from this thread, this forum is very friendly and I always get brilliant and unjudgemental advice. I hope gazlar that you have managed to get past the tone that emerged from this thread and did get some helpful advice. Folks on here have become virtual friends and really care for each other and their rabbits. Im sure no one, including you, didn’t mean to come across as it all did, the written word can be much harsher than face to face. Orange diva did apologise for her wording and did explain why it came across as it did. Hopefully we can all read Karen’s post again, this is a very rare occurrence that these threads go down this route. ‘Tiptoes out again’

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    I'm going to close this thread now.

    Gazlar90, please feel free to start a new thread if there's any other questions you'd like to ask and hopefully we can all start afresh.



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