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Thread: Bonding bleu & fleur begins.....

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    I thinks thats absolutely true. Not that I'm a expert bonder but that the Buns could feel how scared I was once I'd been bitten by fleur. Once I had them gloves on and she literally hung of them by her teeth and I couldn't feel it, half my fear went. The other half went when I knew I could stop her hurting bleu.

    I wish it could be bottled lol... I would gladly pay.
    This was the worse bond ever for me and I will admit I've never seen such violence from a bun that fleur has dished out. My hand is scarred for life in two places. it's all been worth it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyMax View Post
    I always think that a large part of bonding rabbis is down to the people doing the bonding rather than the rabbits themselves. It's something in the way they tackle it - sadly it can't be bottled and sold or one of us would be making a fortune by now!

    I am over the moon with your update
    I always say, that at the end of the day, the rabbits are the ones doing the hard work. Maybe that's what adds the fearlessness to attempting bonds?

    But really, it's simply wonderful that Fleur and Bleu have finally patched up their differences and can work on being merely newlyweds.
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