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    I am not sure Iíve posted this in the right place. I have two rabbits called Smudge and Dexter. They live in our living room. Both happy and healthy. I have been feeding them for ages Alfalfa King Timothy hay and Alfalfa king oat wheat and barely hay. I also feed them Burgess dandelion and marigold hay, burgess long stemmed Timothy hay, burgess barn dried forage, pets at home carrot and apple hay and hay cookies from either pets at home or the range. I use pets at home bedding hay for their litter trays.

    I received my online order two weeks ago with the Alfalfa king hays in and already had a load of hays from pets at home so started bagging up their hay (I bag them to make it easier to give them hay daily).

    That weekend I had a few bites and so did my husband. This has carried on over the last few weeks. I have them on my lower arm ( which would be consistant with bagging up the hay) my husband has them round his ankles and lower legs.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows the type of process used for collecting the hay, for example, I know some freeze dry the hay etc. Iím trying to pin point what could be causing these bites. Iím slowing driving myself crazy thinking they might be bed bugs but no evidence of them in the sofa or bed and I have 5 bites tops where my husband has about 20. We havenít stayed anywhere recently or had anyone come round or stay over. It would make more sense for them to be hay mites but I have checked both buns and they seem to be ok. The timing also fits with me getting in the recent batches of new hay.

    One of the bags of Alfalfa king hay was slightly opened when I got it, I think I it was opened in transit. Would this make any difference? I know the pets at home bedding hay sometimes smells a bit gross- could they have come from that? If it was hay mites how can I tell and how do I get rid of them?

    Thank you and sorry if I posted in the wrong place.

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    I've never had this problem, but am aware that hay mites exist and that they will bite. I think your only option would be to carefully examine all your different types of hay to see if you can see any mites. As you have several different sources, I would start with the one you think is the most likely. If you have mites in any of the hay, they will obviously also bite the rabbits.
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    Are there glue traps available for this kind of insects? Just to make sure what you're dealing with.



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