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    Default Hutch and aviary

    Hi everyone. Iíve moved house and now finally I am able to give my buns a hutch and aviary combo (rather than a run that pushes against the hutch and has to be moved when I go out or at night time) please can people give me ideas?

    Iím planning on putting the hutch next to the fence but donít want the aviary to come too far into the garden (I have two children with so many garden toys, I would like to keep the grass free if I can) so think Iíll run it along the fence. I havenít measured the area but Iím going to have to dig out some rose bushes, I might have around 2 -3 metres. About 2 fence panels worth. I have a 6x2 double hutch to go inside.

    Bertie is a chewer so I think rather than attaching the aviary to the fence, Iíll need to build it alongside with wire mesh next to the fence to keep him off it. He is also a digger - though not that great at it, he never gets far.

    Can anyone share pictures of their set ups and give advice on how to attach the aviary to the floor? It will be set on soil/grass but may be able to slab round the edges?

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    Leave the rose bushes there if you're not worried about saving them. The buns can eat them

    I'd suggest putting paving slabs around the edge as it'll be easier to prevent gaps under the frame etc.

    Hopefully someone will be along with ideas how to attach but maybe take a look in our housing ideas pinned at the top until others appear.

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