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Thread: Lightning- 03-06-2007 - 22-04-2018

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    Default Lightning- 03-06-2007 - 22-04-2018

    Dear Lightning,

    Oh Lighters. This is unexpected. Well, as unexpected as it can be at nearly 11.

    I donít know how to start, Iíve not had to do one of these for a long time.

    You were part of the most special litter of bunny babies I ever had. Seven, amazing, strong, curious, quirky babies, who gave me the gift of both Flash, Moon and Sky.

    You were born WAY back in June 2007, and, good old Sandy, gave birth to four on one day, and three on the next, and you were on the second day (we think). Angel, Star, Sunny, Lightning, Hope, Dusk and Dawn- that was the order we had to recite you in, to remember all of you.

    We never expected you all to survive, but you all did.

    You were so photogenic (Iím not sure what makes a rabbit photogenic, but you were)

    You were a spit of Sky, and in my anxiety and grief over losing Flash and Moon, you were originally lined up to carry on his gene pool. Then I got into rescuing and realized that wasnít ok for me anymore, so you had the nifty snip and I bonded you with The Dopeys, way back in 2010.

    You thrived with them and they with you, and itís really bizarre to think that was nearly 8 years ago!

    You were all so super cute together and worked so well as a trio. Iíd done it for you, but mainly for them, so that when one of them died, the other would never be alone.

    They poddled along in their own little Dopey way, and you developed an exceptionally visually large abscess on your lower right jaw. We medicated like we had never medicated before, and we kept fighting for you, because you were fighting for you. I started the regular injections with you and it taught me a lot. Shortly before you blew your abscess, Iíd sat and cried as I had a special bunny from the RSPCA put to sleep because he had an abscess. I wish I knew then, what you taught me. You also taught my vet a lot too. Your abscess shrunk and disappeared after a couple of months but you stayed on meds.

    During that time, you lost one of your trio. Dopey 2 died in November 2012, leaving you and Dopey 1 became close and you were the cutest little bunny couple. She didnít seem to grieve or need her other half, because you were there.

    You and here were together as a pair, and living outside, for several happy years, as you entered into old age.

    She got stiffer crappier, and you got stiffer and crappier, but you both were still super keen, but it became clear you couldnít live outdoors anymore. So then I had the pleasure of having you in my room, and I am so, so, glad I got that chance to get to know you in a different way.

    Turns out, youíre a total foody and a right cheeky imp! I discovered that you were the only bunny who reliably knew and responded to your name- rather than just when you wanted to. Iíd call you, and whatever you were doing, youíd pop your little head up and then come over. You sussed we always gave you food, but it was super cute.

    You and Dopey lived in my room for a good 18 months, which was just amazing. You still had your health issues, still on meds for the abscesses, then developed kidney failure two years ago, then the arthritis got super bad and took some of your movement, then your respiratory tract and heart were struggling, so we had to add in meds for that, and THEN you developed gut problems Ö. But we kept fighting and kept medicating because, my GOD rabbit, you just wanted to live and eat and run, and hump Dopey, and bounce about and explore new places. You werenít ready to die. None of those things stopped you. Sometimes you needed a bit of looking after and Dopey was fabulous at that.

    Earlier this week, you struggled to move your back end, so, as was the previous pattern, we medicated, and waited. The pain and the heat kicked in the stomach issues, so we treated and they improved, but then last night you started to drool. I thought it was teeth although was aware that it could be something else, so we went to the vets this morning.

    What she discovered was that you were super anaemic and that your liver was huge. All the things that she would have told us to do, we had already been doing, so she had no suggestions left. Well, she said steroids, but I felt that you had had enough. For the first time, in all your troubles, I felt that you had had enough.

    But your body was too frail to keep you going for any longer. So we let you go. It was not the best PTS Iíve ever sat through, but you didnít suffer, and you were calm and peaceful. Dopey knew though. At the point that you started to go, she started stamping. Iíve never known a bunny do that before

    I read her notes and it said you were 10 years, 10 months and 20 days old. Thatís a huge long age bunny! The vet was so complementary about how well you looked and she said she has rarely seen a bunny that old, so I told her that Dopey was older than you, and I had two of your brothers still at home.

    Iím going to miss you massively. You had the looks of Sky, and the personality of Flash, and youíre leaving a huge hole in my room. You would always, always come bounding over and get under my feet for food. You recently discovered that you loved to have your nose stroked and would tooth purr at me. When I say Ďrecentlyí, I mean in the last two or three years, which, when youíre nearly 11, is quite recent, I reckon.

    I really hoped that you and Dopey would be super cute and old together forever. Weíve moved into a time where all I can do with you ridiculously old rabbits, is to treasure every single day. Every. Single. Day. But it also lulled me into a false sense of security that you would be here forever. And youíre not. Whilst youíre been here for longer than could ever have been suggested, youíre not here now, and thatís a huge loss. For Dopey. For me. For our home. Because you greeted us all like some kind of raving lunatic, and stealing food.

    You were a very, very special little guy. ĎFeatherí, or ĎLightersí or ĎSchmightyí. I havenít done death for a while, and 2 years and 3 months without losing anybunny has been an incomprehensible feat for us to achieve, but Iím feeling it now.

    Tomorrow Iíll take you to the crem, where you will be cremated and you will go in the same box as Dopey 2, and one day, Dopey 1 will also join you. Until then, I will do my best to keep her ok. She will probably have a new friend, but it wonít replace you, and canít change how cute you were as a couple. Maybe sheíll have Dawn, Maybe CrystalÖ Maybe both!

    Iím totally lucky to still have two of your brothers, but Iím becoming aware of the legacy and companionship that I have lived with since Flash came home on 8th May 2005, is leaving me, and, in the not too distant, I will be without all of you.

    The hole you have left is both about your lovely little personality, and also, the legacy you were part of.

    I love you mate, and Iím so sorry I couldnít save you this time.

    You will always, always be in my heart


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    My heart aches for you. What a legacy Lightning has had- and as you said, what an age. I hope you and Dopey can take comfort in one another as you grieve for your dear Lightning.

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    I am very sorry to read of Lightening's passing Your tribute to him is lovely and the wording heartfelt.

    RIP Lightening xx

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    I’m so so sorry Sky-O, he was beautiful. Farewell beautiful Lightning, rip xxx

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    Iím so sorry you lost Lightening your tribute to him is lovely thinking of you xx

    Binky free at the bridge xx

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    I am so very very sorry

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    Sorry you lost lightening, he sounded like a right character. Beautiful post and beautiful bun - he'll be doing Binky's up high

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    What a beautiful beautiful tribute, I'm so so sorry you had to say goodbye to Lightening, what a great age but that does not make it any easier. He was very beautiful. X

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    Such a beautiful tribute, you had me in tears. Big hugs for you. Sleep tight Lightning xx

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    So sorry for your loss of your valued family member. He was one of the lucky ones to be loved and cherished from the day he was born to his very last day.

    RIP Lightning.
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