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Thread: New enclosure now or once bonded?

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    Default New enclosure now or once bonded?

    I'm looking at changing my current rabbits enclosure to a MPH enclosure and getting new things for inside it too. My rabbit is a house rabbit and I want to get him a friend soon. Do you think it would make bonding easier if I introduce new home and accessories once they're bonded so it's not his territory? Or just get on with sorting out a new enclosure for him and see how the bonding goes later and hope he won't be too territorial? The new enclosure will be in the same place as the old. He has free run of pretty much the whole house when we're home although we're trying to keep him mostly downstairs the next few months so it's not his space for a while. Not sure what way round to do things or if it even matters!

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    If you intend on introducing it all at once, I'd change it before bonding.

    If you intend on gradually adding things I'd do it after they're bonded

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    Boys aren't usually as territorial as girls so it shouldn't matter that much which way you do it.

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    I did it all when they came back: Lopsy watched the playhouse being built but never went anywhere near it until he came home with Aboleth. They spent a couple of days in the house without access to a run, then Lopsy's old run was attached after I'd wiped it down, and we built on from there. It was a useful way to let us keep an eye on them and gradually increase their area
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