The last of our beloved bunnies passed away last year and we only now have the heart to pass on things now we have made the decision that we aren't having any more. We have two items that we would be happy to give away to a good home:

1. Small 3 sided run made up of 3 sections of wood and aviary wire which makes up to a rectangle if you put a small hutch or box at the end. Two sections are 4ft x 1ft and the other is about 2ft x 1ft. We used this when Rosie got to old and arthritic to stay out at night so we bought her into the kitchen and used this run with a box at the end. It is just the right size to cover a bath sheet. It is the first run shown here https://youtu.be/XFv2mU1YBNg

2. Large octagonal run made of two hinged sections. One hinged section is two 6ft x 3ft panels made of wood and aviary wire, the second is the same but has a 3rd panel 3ft x 3 ft. Both hinged panels fold flat so that they can be stores down the side of the house. The idea is that they can be moved around the garden and the shape can be changed to stop them making permanent markings on the lawn. They can also be wrapped around a hutch if you want. It is the second two pictures here https://youtu.be/XFv2mU1YBNg

We live in South Nottingham and they are free to a good home. If you feel you want to make a donation for them then a small donation to Brinsley Animal Rescue in Nottingham would be nice. We won't ask though, we will leave it up to you.

PM me if you are interested