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I've been too upset to come on the forum for a while because I am very sad to say that our precious Caramel passed away a few weeks back

It was nothing to do with the bonding, which we think was going okay, we think it was just a combination of old age and her heart condition. We were never able to establish exactly how old she was when we adopted her, but by the time we lost her she was somewhere between 9 and 11 years. I knew when we took her on that our time together might be limited, and especially when we found out about her problematic heart, but even so, when it happened I really was just so upset

We might not have finished bonding her with Mr Muffles, but I certainly bonded with her. I'm sure most on this forum know the feeling.

But I am really grateful for the seven months we did have together. I loved having her indoors and over the months spent absolutely hours lying on the floor with her, stroking her head and pampering her. I really did love being with her, I hope she felt the same, I think she did because she tooth purred a lot and licked me a lot - or maybe she just thought I was really really dirty and needed a good wash! She was just lovely. I do so miss her

We still have our sweet boy, Mr Muffles and it's a real privilege to get the chance to spoil him loads after the awful neglect he suffered before the RSPCA found out about him and were able to get him out of that situation. Bless him, he's got several health issues of his own, including dental problems, eye problems and he's just had an episode of stasis, but we got treatment for him very quickly and the vet gave him two lots of motility drugs and pain killers AND subcutaneous fluids, so Mr Muffles pulled out of it very quickly. I didn't even have to use any of the Recovery we were given. We are hoping to be able to bond Mr Muffles with another bunny soon.
Oh no i was wondering how you was all getting on. I'm so sorry you lost caramel :, ( binky free little one xxx

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