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Thread: Getting more fibre into a bun with dental issues

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    So, I can report back now Iíve got the hay experts samples. back that burns green oat hay is a favourite, he also loves the oxbow orchard grass and the western Timothy hay too

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    May try some of the Oat hay but he can be a bit hit and miss. He was interested in his Pure Pastures hay, the one with rose petals and plantain mixed in. He was also VERY pleased I got some more Fenugreek Crunchies. Got a blob of Fibreplex into him via a mint leaf but he's getting suspicious of me doing that. They had a small handful of fresh grass, fresh strawberry leaves and fresh blackberry leaves last night - unfortunately the new blackberry leaves haven't come out yet and are still buds.

    He did one hell of a stinker of a poop this morning but was very bright in himself and happily tucked into breakfast. Left him with a bowl of Readigrass (regular and timothy) with some dried echinacea on top for the day as well as their regular hay and a couple of scattered pellets.
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