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Probably a little late in the week but just wanted to confirm that my Companion Care did charge half price for their booster Both Mishka and Pixel were done for £43 (kinda wish the others were due at the same time now :P)
Unfortunately both have also been told to lose weight, so the naughty things are going to have to get moving a bit more (having a struggle with Mishka, she's normally very active but since I bought her a new cushion she spends all her time spread out on it looking adorable As for Pixel.. He's impossibe to keep weight off, I have no idea what I'm going to do with him )
Anyway, again I'm not sure if it's all Companion Care's or just mine but worth a try if your buns are due for their boosters Not sure if it applies for filavac as well but worth a try.

I'm glad you got some pennies off the vaccinations - it all helps

Thanks for the heads up re Companion Care .. certainly worth checking!