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Heís doing okay today, he managed to get over it about and hour after the third dose of Infacol, usually he only needs one dose. I think I could even feel an air bubble when I was rubbing his tummy, it felt like his whole stomach did when he was in stasis. I held off taking him as heís doing okay today and binkying about quite happily. Iím starting to think I can see a hint of a head tilt but I donít know if thatís all in my head as I lost my last bunny that way. Iím starting to think Iím going crazy, my husband definitely thinks I am! Iíve attached a photo of his scab behind his head.

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Phew I'm glad he is doing better today. Does the vets know you use Infacol? I have always wondered what they think about that. What did he have for dinner last night? What's your gut feeling the trigger is? Xx

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