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ps Dill is also a great help with gas. The leaves aren't supposed to help but I find that they can. Dill seed is the active ingredient in gripe water & normalises gut contractions (stops painful contractions (colick). Infacol breaks up foam.
(The problem with gas in the gut is that it makes a foam of bubbles which can't be propelled forward. Maybe a combination of infacol & gripe water would be more effective than either alone???
Totally agree with you about the Dill leaves, they are effective, but I guess the seeds have a higher concentration of oil. I grind mine in a pestle and mortar. Gripe Water seems to comfort some unhappy rabbit tummies.
I don't use Infacol. I read a study ( albeit a small one) which showed that the sweetener( saccharin) it contains, causes a rise in blood glucose levels by altering gut bacteria. I've often wondered if sometimes rabbits have innacurate glucose readings by the time they are seen by a vet, because people will have perhaps given them several doses of Infacol at home?
I think the RWAF says it best....Although Infacol is unlikely to cause problems if used in rabbits, we do not feel it is useful. Rabbits can not burp, so although it may gather the gas together, it is still stuck!
I LOVE reading your stuff. IMO, observation is the key to healthy happy rabbits.