Any advice would be appreciated. Three stasis in a month...They are saying it could be stress or a broken heart if meds aren't working. On the way home from the vets yesterday obviously Toby was stressed then produced stasisy sized poops again with all sorts of shapes. I called the vet to ask if he definitely had normal poop before he was discharged and they said yes. Now he's back producing his normal golden nuggets.

Is there anything I can do to stop or help prevent the gas he keeps getting? Is there anything I can try or remove. After the vets today I have reduced his pellets to 8 in the morning and 8 at night for his meds. I asked the vet on duty if reducing pellets would help prevent gas. She said no diet nothing to do with it and he needs his minerals from it.

However! Every time he has had his episodes it's been straight after breakfast then he will start belly pressing.

Any opinions? We are starting to feel lost. My chinchilla has the same diet as the bunnys forage wise only he's on selective science nuggets and maple no problems at the moment :/

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