Me three! I had a picture of a black Dutch rabbit (cut out of a book) on my bedroom wall as a child and, for about 7 years from the age of 7; I usd to go to sleep at night looking at that picture and dreaming of the time Iíd have a Dutch rabbit and the large fenced off area Iíd have for him in the garden (copied from The Observers Book of Pets). I was eventually allowed a rabbit when I was 14 - there was no internet then and we couldnít find a Dutchie so I had a beautiful black boy instead. He was very loved but I always had a yearning for my Dutch man and now, as a middle aged woman I have three full Dutch buns and a lionhead/Dutch cross (as well as my beautiful Betty, who died last year). They havenít disappointed in any way, they are all so laid back and sweet, just like I imagined them all those years ago.

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Me too. Frosty and Snowflake are half dutch half lionhead

Oh my goodness they are so like my Bells, canít post photos (have been trying) but they are so alike