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Thread: Rubber Chippings in rabbit run

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    I used something similar in my shed at my old house - it didn’t work for me as one of my buns is a monster chewer and he just pulled them apart. I don’t think they’d work outside as they sort of soak up any moisture - stable matting is a lot more water repellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emilyjaneherb View Post
    I am currently researching stable matting at it does actually seem quite good! its also brought up this (hope that link works!) what do you think of using this??!

    Yes I've seen that before. I'm not sure how hard wearing it would be, or how it would stand up to the weather outside?
    (Just seen orangediva has already said more or less the same thing )
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    The interlocking mats are not designed for use outside. They are thinner than stable matting and give lots of opportunity for small edge bits to be chewed - which would make them look untidy fairly quickly. I suspect they would be awkward to keep properly clean as well.

    There are all types of paving available, not just standard grey concrete slabs. I always thought about using fake concrete sleepers - and they are available in rubber:

    And grass reinforcement mesh:

    You could make all sorts of designs - maybe put grass or herbs (chamomile?) between them (meshed underneath), or very small gravel over landscaping fabric. It could look good and be practical for the rabbits.



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