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Thread: Slow Bonding Method - Advice Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie View Post
    Thanks all for your words of encouragement.

    They've had a couple more get togethers. On one of the occasions they acknowledged each other a lot more and were rubbing faces and chattering. But then it got a bit more humpy and, whilst I suspect a person experienced in rabbit bonding would have allowed the situation to play out for longer, as it wasn't aggressive or anything, I felt unsure about how things would develop and decided to pick Mr Muffles up

    I probably did the wrong thing, but with Caramel's heart condition to consider and with Mr Muffles being so incredibly new to meeting another rabbit and not being 100% fit, and especially with my complete inexperience and proneness to anxiety, I just decided to stop the encounter.

    I kept Mr Muffles in my arms for a bit and Caramel happily carried on pottering about for a while, and then when she was ready I opened the gate and she just hopped merrily back to her room. Both bunnies seemed absolutely fine and they've had another meet and greet since, which went very smoothly.

    So, slowly but surely, we're getting there I think.

    Oh, by the way, if anyone has got any suggestions on how to encourage Mr Muffles to munch more on hay, I'd love to hear some ideas. One of the mid morning snacks I gave him today was hay with grated carrot mixed in it - my cunning plan being that he'd end up munching on the hay whilst trying to get all the carrot. However, to be honest, I think he managed to pick out all the carrot very adeptly although I'm sure he must have had some hay

    I have to be careful about cutting down too much on the pellets as he is so underweight, so it's a bit of a balancing act, encouraging him to munch more hay, whilst still giving him enough pellets that he doesn't lose any more weight. He gets plenty of greens as well, and has access to fresh hay 24/7. He also has a constant supply of dried leaves such as blackcurrant leaves, plantain, dandelion and nettle and readigrass, so he does munch on that too.
    When you say "humpy" which bun was humping? Have you considered giving Mr Muffles a couple of FibaFirst sticks every day as they are high in fibre and will help to keep his teeth down. I am afraid there is no sure way to get a rabbit to eat hay, especially an older rabbit which may not have had any hay before. It would be easier if he was overweight of course. The best way with your two is if he sees Caramel eating the hay and he gets the hint.

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    Ahhh, I find the humping quite distressing - Joey was relentless !
    Hay - I can understand your anxiety to get him eating lots, esp given he has spurs you're keeping an eye on. Grass is just as good (when the snow defrosts). Readigrass might be more palatable. One of my bunnies has become a dental bun recently & she seems to be able to only eat one type of hay. Whats he tried so far? They have a lovely diet your rabbits



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