so its becoming more and more clear that I'm unable to leave Luna out in my room if I'm not around we're only two months into the year and she has already perhaps destroyed 200+ of items. its upsetting. my hoodies, wires, clothes, teddies etc. I think they're out of her way but she gets to them anyway. she has also started jumping onto my desk (unsafe for her) and that was my last safe space.

so now I'd like to offer her a bit more room adding onto her hutch space, and then have her run in my room when I can watch her. I have a space of 70cm length x 120cm width to offer along with her hutch for when I'm not around. its not perfect nor large enough, I know, but I can't work out anything more. letting her have my room was perfect, but not when she decides to destroy everything in sight

preferably I'd like something high to minimise jumping, but also if they could also work for outside, that would be great too. I have the garden split in two with play pen panels, they're about 60cm high. I've not had an issue with Luna jumping them as she can't see, but Orion keeps sizing them up

thank you