Hi everyone, if you have seen my previous thread you will know my situation and I am not ready for another bun or buns yet. But.. for when I begin looking what would you recommend? I have always had single buns and they have been super happy as they are indoor house buns with loads of peopl time and other animal time. However after I lost my Bea I am wondering whether I should get two buns this time around or just the 1 what would you recommend? This is my first question
Secondly are there any advantages or disadvantages to owning a single bun or 2 buns. I am worried the new bunnies wouldn’t be as pwrsonable with me if I had two which is probably a bit silly as my other buns were just like little dogs and so comfortable around the whole famil and I know that this is probably due to the way they were brought up with hand feeding nuggets etc as babies, being really slow and gentle with them and always getting out and handled in the house in the middle of everything so my new buns would probably be the same! However I am wondering if them having each other makes them less lovable to people. Also I am so worried that if one passed away that the other bun would go into decline and be distraught? Is 3 a safer number? Any advantages and disadvantages? This is my second question
And lastly if I got two babies instead of a bonded rescue pair ( planning at looking at rescue first ) however if I did get two babies would they be ok to be bonded from
A) separate litters? What is the specifications with bonding two babies at a young age (before hormones?)
B) same litter (would they be already bonded and just need neutering (will do this anyway)
C) separate breeds of different ages (etc if I found a nethie breeder with one bun I liked that couldn’t leave for a few weeks and a lop breefer who’s bun I wanted was already ready to go?) would this work
Thankyou very much for your help!