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Thread: Territorial behaviour outside - but not inside!!

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    Default Territorial behaviour outside - but not inside!!

    Hi there
    wonder if anyone can give me any advice on a peculiar situation I have with my buns!!!
    I have 2 buns, a mini lop, girl (Bluebell) and a lion head, male (Basil). Both neutered. Basil was a rescue rabbit we got in December after Bluebells sister passed away :-(
    The bonding had its ups and downs but we got there eventually and they both live in a rabbit shed in the garden. Bluebell is the submissive one and Basil very much the dominant one. Attached to the rabbit shed is a pipe which goes to an outside rabbit run out onto the grass in the garden. The issue is Basil is in the outside run quite a bit and whenever Bluebell goes in he chases her round the run until she runs back into the rabbit shed - feeling traumatised! This happened quite a few times - so Bluebell didn't go into the run at all. I took action and disconnected the run from the shed for a few weeks. When the weather was ok I put them both in the run for a few hours a day but it wasn't connected to the shed. A few little chases from Basil but then things settled down so I took the plunge and reconnected the run to the shed. I am now back to square one again in that Basil thinks the run is solely for his use and chases Bluebell each time she goes in it.
    In the rabbit shed they are fine - no chasing - they groom each other - though they are never cuddle together.
    I really want Bluebell to have access to the outside run as well as Basil but feel at a loss as to what to do.
    Can any one suggest anything?
    thanks in advance x

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    Others will definitely be able to give you more wisdom than I on this one, but it sounds to me like it is still very early days, and although bonded, like you say, this hasn't been 'love at first sight' and they are going to take time to settle. I'm sure others will have a more educated opinion on restricting or rearranging the space to get over this impasse - fear not!

    Hopefully this reply bumps up the thread so that you get some good replies - the forum can definitely help with this one, I'm sure - good luck! x x

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    As it's an early bond I would keep the run off the cards at the moment. Make sure they are grooming, eating together and all is well indoors for a longer period. They might not be ready to be in a much more open space.

    Some bonds are quick, others can take a little time.

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    thanks for the advice Belly - I have taken the run off today and they now they just have the shed together. Funny thing is - when I un-attached the run from the shed and put them both in the run, Basil is fine with Bluebell. I am just hoping I can reattach the run when the weather gets nicer.
    I love watching them run around outside on the grass in the nice sunny weather x

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    Thanks Squishies!! Yes I agree it is still early days I suppose - 2 months today to be precise! I have restricted their space and taken the run off - they now just have the shed together. I will try adding the run again at a later stage.



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