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    Default destructo bunny......

    I appreciate when you get bunnies, you basically give up your house to them, and I know its my fault. but I just feel so frustrated and upset as Luna keeps destroying things.

    I do my best to put everything out of her way, to keep it safe and her safe, but somehow it never works. she's jumped onto my desk from the ground, the windowsill and so on.

    today I went to put my boots on, I love them, they were a gift from my parents for Christmas. I placed them on top of my desk chair, I figured that was out of Luna's way. apparently not and she has ruined those.

    she has destroyed my tigger rug, not much but my granddad who I never got to meet gave it to me not long after I was born.. a teddy I stole from my grandma, destroyed too. a blanket I have had since I was born has holes in it. a giant 5ft teddy I brought for myself has holes in it. duvets, blankets, clothing, she has all got her teeth into.

    its just so upsetting, I've ended up in tears many of times.

    she has plenty to do, plenty of attention, yet other things are just more to her liking I suppose

    I know it's my fault, and I know she doesn't understand things have worth etc, but it feels like a lost battle. I place everything away from her in the morning as much as I can, but she jumps on the desk anyway or pulls it down from the boxes. and some things are more difficult to move, like a 5ft bear or whatever.

    I just wish I could tell her but well, she doesn't understand. she looks like she listens though, she is a good listener, just not good at understanding

    I'll stop whining now.

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    It is very frustrating. I find Autumn very good in the living room, especially when we're around. However, when I went back to work I decided to try her in the kitchen as it meant more free space for her while I was out, and there was nothing low down she could get to.

    I came home to her having literally chewed the plastering to bits, and we rent the property. She had tons to do, lots more space than usual, but still decided to destroy a wall. So, repairing for us and no go on the kitchen idea. She had never, ever done anything like that before (or since!), she's never so much as touched a skirting board or wallpaper in the living room

    As much as we love our bunnies, and they don't understand in any way whatsoever - it's just what bunnies do, I do firmly believe in having an 'us' space, and a 'their' space - for the sake of our sanity and peace. It doesn't mean you can't share space with your buns free range, it just means penning them in an appropriate space while you're out, so you're not coming home to sentimental things utterly destroyed and feeling temporary resentment towards your bunny (which I think would be normal in those situations).

    It's important your bunny has a safe place to relax, be at peace and comfortable. But it's just as important that YOU have a safe place to relax, be at peace and comfortable, too. I hope you may be able to come up with something that suits the situation a little better so your things can be a little safer.

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    I'm so sorry, it must be really upsetting to have things of sentimental value ruined, as you say bunnies just don't understand that. I do agree with Jessbun, you need to be able to confine (for want a better word) your bun, when you are not there to supervise. Do you have any puppy panels ? these are relatively cheap, and really versatile as you can adjust the size or shape of the area to suit. I got mine from Amazon. I wouldn't dare let Treacle roam the lounge if I'm not there, there would be nothing left !

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    sadly I don't have any way to confine her when I can't be with her the deal is that she has free roam of my bedroom during the day, and goes in her hutch when I'm asleep. she gets 12 hours to run around and play roughly. my room isn't the biggest anyway, so there isn't any way to shut off a decent amount of room for her. I'm not in my room very much so its not really fair. I'm still trying to devise how I can split it in two to allow Orion some play too, without putting her in and letting him out or vise versa.

    I tried cutting off my bed using puppy panels so she couldn't get up and destroy things on my bed, or get on the windowsill. my bed is right next to it so I guess she jumped from my bed to the windowsill. she just jumped it even through it was probably 5ft panels. both of them don't care for being detained

    there just doesn't seem to be any way to allow us to have a space. the rest of the house is a mess and I don't like being around my parents too much. horrible to say but its the truth. and if I'm not around, they let the kitty terrorise the bunnies and blame the bunnies if the kitty goes. blerg.

    I'm just going to have to cope for now and try to make the best out of it.



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