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They might be able to opt in or out of participating in various offers, but if they offer them, they'll have to offer them on the standard terms and conditions. The national information on the care plan now says that it does include RHD2, so a branch couldn't possibly just decide that they're not going to. They could decide not to offer the care plan at all, but not to pick and choose which bits of it to do.

MM - quite agree - now there are a couple of RHD2 vaccine manufacturers around as well as MSD, with a bit of luck at least one of them (and maybe all three!) are working on a combi. It's just frustrating how long these things take in development and then to get to market!


So I rang my local branch and I didn't get onto the subject of Vac4Life, as a little confusion reigned over the Myxo/VHD & VHD2 jabs. It was thought that they were given together, for the price of the Novibac I didn't think this was correct, but they are checking and getting back to me tomorrow.

I'll raise the subject of the V4L - if it doesn't cause further confusion, that is!