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Thread: How can I bathe my bunny's feet and bum if she doesn't like water?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiethelop View Post
    Thank you! I will try that and then come back if the problem is not resolved. I really appreciate all of the replies.

    You're very welcome

    Good luck xx
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    I did bathe Dillons feet when we first got him as they were yellow and sore with urine scald. I put the shower mat (non slip) into the bath and then 1 inch of water water - I did put a couple of spoonfuls of dissolved salt in too in case of infection. I only had to do it the once to loosen the muck on his feet but he hated it. I had thinly cut carrots in the water with him too but he just looked at me like I was being silly.
    I think daily litter changes will help your bunny.

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    Completely agree with the guys above and suggest daily cleaning of her litter tray. Bunnies are very clean animals and will only struggle to keep clean if poorly!

    I have 2 bunnies and they get their litter tray cleaned morning and night!

    One of my bunny had recently had a urine infection where he was dribbling urine on himself, but he has a puppy pad on the underneath and then lots of hay on top so the urine gets soaked up quickly and not on your bunny. So again puppy pads can always be used under something else (just in case they decide to nibble and that's not good for them)

    Good luck with Cookie xx
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