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Thread: Ad for Baby Rabbits

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    Default Ad for Baby Rabbits

    Yesterday on Facebay someone came on with some baby rabbits for sale and within 6 hours they had all been spoken for! They won't be ready for a few more weeks but I was surprised how quickly they went. I hope they get forever homes! Btw I'm not having one! I noticed they were on shavings, no hay to be seen and she is letting them go when they are 7 weeks old!

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    Hope they are all going to good homes and will be well cared for. It does surprise me a bit that baby rabbits are so popular but that’s probably because I’m not hugely taken with babies (of any kind ). My view doesn’t seem to be the norm though. I’d rather take on fully grown bunnies whose personalities, size etc are known.

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    yep, baby rabbits tend to sell very quickly as they are "cute" - and depending on the breed they will go even quicker. some breeds are always in high demand like lops and lionheads, often breeders can sell for extortionate prices for those. I remember seeing a breeder selling lionheads for 85, I couldn't wrap my head around it. mom and dad weren't show class winning rabbits, they weren't vaccinated already. but because lionheads are in demand, they go for a lot I'm not saying that they should be sold for dirt cheap, but that also seems expensive too. but too low price isn't great either - "ooh cute little baby for only 15, I'll take!" making the impulse buying more likely. (not saying impulse buying is bad).

    its hard to see from pictures but perhaps there was hay around, perhaps there wasn't. I know my friend makes little set ups for her babies selling pictures. but most breeders do use shavings, I haven't seen one that hasn't if I'm honest.. probably because its cheap whereas the other beddings can be a lot more expensive. no excuse however, but for cheapness its probably done.

    7 weeks is a bit too young, but I know my latest was separated from mom at 7 weeks for getting a bit too boisterous with his mom and sisters, including humping!! at roughly 4 weeks they are weaned I believe, the rest is spent with survival skills and learning how to be a bun.

    I can't really judge too much - two of mine have been from a breeder. my first I made the mistake of not heading to a reputable one, but the second time I found a decent lady.]

    I hope they have at least found decent homes!!

    rabbits are like angels; they have a way of finding people that need them, and filling an emptiness they didn't even know they had.

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    There are some very dodgy ads around selling both baby and adult rabbits. 7 weeks is to young, no later then 8/9 weeks and not a day less! They may have gone to good homes, then again they probably didn't.

    I hate seeing those ads. Especially the ones where a doe is pregnant and still living with the buck in a hamster cage



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