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    Default Correct diet ??

    Hi there we bought 2 bunnies at 8weeks old they are now 14 weeks we have kept them on the same diet as the breeder, which is hay daily half a cup of pellets twice a day (morning and night), kale and carrots twice a week. How long do I keep feeding them this as they grow?

    When should they start eating a more varied diet, more vegetables and fruit and less pellets ??
    Are their any vegetables or fruit they arenít allowed?

    Thank you

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    Someone else asked a similar question this week. Here is the link:

    The post contains some useful advice and links to lists of OK greens for rabbits from Frances Harcourt-Brown - a dedicated rabbit vet.

    As for any new pet, the main thing at first is to keep to the diet they are used to for a couple of weeks, then gradually introduce a range of new greens. Hay is always OK and should always be available.



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