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Thread: binky attacking buzz during feeding time

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Jenny and in May 2016 I adopted 2 adopted holland lop bunnies. They are male (Buzz) and female (Binky), they will be 3 years old next month and they are both neutered. Binky was neutered before I adopted her and Buzz was neutered in June 2016. They live indoors- they have a huge cage their dad made for them.
    Binky is a very independent and self-content girl, she doesn't particularly enjoy head rubs and I can't say that she particularly likes spending time with me. Buzz is quite the opposite, he loves being stroked and is following me and his dad around the house. They are very well looked after and they are generally very happy. I am not aware of any health problems and they get their annual health checks and vaccinations.
    They were bonded before I adopted them and they came from a loving home so I don't suspect they have been maltreated.

    They problem is that Binky randomly and very inconsistently bites and terrorises Buzz for no apparent reason, mainly during feeding time. She might do it once a week- I put the nuggets and greens down and they happily come to eat and then Binky bites Buzz on his side and practicly pushes him away. Binky usually gets very excited during feding time and hops around the food and Buzz is usually sat out of the way, munching happily. Their feeding times are consistent and they get the appropriate amount of food-although they are generally very greedy and if they had a voice, they would say that I never feed them enough !!!
    So I would like your advice/suggestions please as this morning I had to put Binky back in their cage with some food and give the rest to Buzz who was sat outside the cage, staring at his beloved Binky . I have tried feeding them separately but Binky usually leaves her food and starts eating Buzz's food and when it's finished, she goes back and finishes hers. I am a bit worried that this behaviour will generalise and I don't feel able to soothe Binky when she gets aggressive, as she won't let me stroke her. At the same time, if I stroke Buzz immediately after he has been attecked, I worry that it might make Binky feel excluded .
    Thank you

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    Do you scatter the food? This will help as they will be so busy trying to find it that Binky will forget bullying Buzz. Hopefully.



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