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Thread: Becoming territorial and food aggressive

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    Default Becoming territorial and food aggressive

    Hi all, this thread is in reference to the little 'stray' boy I caught in a carpark and who was surrendered to me.

    I've had Henry for just over 2 weeks now, and he's settled in well. My other 2 boys are outside buns, and Henry is kept in my cooled spare room, which measures approx 10x7ft. There's puppy pads covering the whole room, bar a strip at the front so the door can swing inwards. He's got several hides, some toys, litter tray, and food & drink bowls, he can also hop onto the windowsill to look out. The plan is to eventually bond all 3 of my boys together, as they currently all live separately.

    He's no interest in dry hay, but loves Readigrass which gets free-fed in his litter tray. He also gets greens scatter fed, and I introduced a small amount of pellets after about a week as he's a little underweight.

    The last few days, he's becoming quite the little so-and-so. When I set his bowl down with pellets in, I have to be REALLY blooming quick, or else he'll nip me (as I'm trying to GIVE it to him!). He's also started getting the same way when I give the Readigrass, even if he's still got plenty left. I understand that high-value food like pellets can cause aggression, and so yesterday I've started to scatter feed those too, so there's no singular point of contact between my hand, the bowl, and his teeth!

    Yesterday though, I stepped off the pad-free strip by the door, into the room, to fill the water bowl like I have done every day, and he lunged and bit me quite hard on the ankle. He's also stopped weeing in the litter tray, and now wees at the very edge of the puppy pad, closest to the door. Am I right in thinking this is territorial behaviour, and boundary marking?

    These issues aside, he's really quite a snuggle-bun. With some bribery, he hopped onto my knee the other day, and has started to sit for ages while I rub his head. Maybe since I'm 'grooming' him now, he thinks he can boss me around?

    He's getting neutered on Thursday, which I hope will help with the attitude! I just wondered if there was anything else I could try, besides gloves and thick socks There's going to be a shock when he and William meet, as previously Will has been very much Top Bun.

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    He's hormonal and still settling in to his new home. I would hope that he should calm down more in the next few weeks when he is less hormonal (especially around spring fever time) and he has had longer to settle in. I wouldn't rush to bond him until then. He's had a lot of changes to cope with, but he's a lucky bunny.

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    So glad he is safe with you and hope you get sorted after neuter.



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