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Thread: 2 bonded males - want to add single female but one of the boys wants her to himself

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    Default 2 bonded males - want to add single female but one of the boys wants her to himself

    So current situation - Two brothers who live together, apart from one bad fight the day before they were neutered they've been pretty stable. We also have a single female who will very soon be spayed and we're hoping to bond the three.

    Now I didn't plan on them meeting pre-spay, but the female managed to escape one night and from the looks of the mess she made around the boys cage, that's where she spent most of her time. When I found them there was no indication that they'd been fighting so I decided to watch them for a bit. Princess seems very comfortable around their cage, she's not trying to get in but she does like to lay next to it and eat any hay that's dropped out. When she gets very close, Cookie runs up to her and has a sniff through the bars. He wasn't too impressed when she put her paws up on the bars but otherwise they just have a little nose touch through the bars then cookie goes back to whatever he was doing.

    The issue is when Cookie's brother Elmo tries to see her. Elmo hasn't shown any aggression towards Princess, he's just really curious but whenever he tries to get close Cookie scares him off. They aren't fighting or pulling fur, but Cookie does chase him off and Elmo seems to have learned to stay from Princess now, it's like Cookie has claimed her as his own. As long as Elmo doesn't get too close to Princess, him and Cookie are absolutely fine and will lay together like normal. Anyway I'm a bit worried about what will happen to Elmo if I try bond the three of them. Do you think Cookie is only being possessive because he can smell her hormones? Or do you think it will continue even after she's spayed? Has anyone been in this situation before? Did the dominant male eventually back off a bit?

    Also if anyone has any advice on how to handle this situation please let me know. I wondered if I should introduce Elmo to Princess without Cookie being there, but then I thought Elmo might decide he wants to 'claim' her for himself and fight with Cookie over it and make matters worse.

    TLDR: Two brothers happily bonded, the dominant one seems to like my single female, but does not like it when his brother gets close to her
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    That sounds pretty normal to me. I have two bucks, Frosty and Snowflake who are bonded with two does. Both the does belong to Frosty. He likes to try and keep Snowflake away from them but they do often all cuddle together.



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