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Thread: Rehomed bunny strange behaviour?

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    Hi, this is the first time I've ever posted but really just need some reassurance. I recently rehomed a little 5 year old lionhead who was not in an ideal situation - very small hutch, not much space to play, etc. We have him in a small hutch still but it is connected to a 6 x 6 aviary so he has lots of outdoor space if he wants it. We have a much larger hutch on standby with plans to get him a partner asap, the run will then connect to the large hutch with a Runaround tunnel and we will hopefully have more success bonding in a neutral home. My question now is...Is it normal for him to want to sleep outside in the patio rather than in his hutch? He will go in and out of the hutch to eat and use the litter tray, but the rest of the time sits outside - it seems like he is sleeping outside. ANY IDEAS?

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    I think it's quite common for us to give our rabbits nice warm places to sleep, and them choosing concrete instead! They're odd little things sometimes, but I also think we underestimate how well insulated they are. Part of me thinks a rabbit kept in a tiny hutch all of its life would be intimidated by a big open space, then again maybe he's so grateful for the freedom he doesn't want to go back in a hutch again. Anyway I wouldn't worry, if he was cold he'd find shelter. The only time I would make him go inside would be if it was cold and he was getting wet (not an issue if the aviary is sheltered) Hopefully with his new bunny friend he will have someone to snuggle up to
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