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Thread: White Poplar branches - safe for bunnies?

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    Default White Poplar branches - safe for bunnies?

    We are having our white poplar pollarded. Anyone know if poplar is safe for buns and if it worth keeping the branches for them? (Bearing in mind we are drowning in willow already since our tree snapped in the recent storms!)

    Thank you

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    I usually go by these two sites, both of which say that Poplar is OK. If this was not the case for White Poplar I would trust them to state this.

    You have very lucky rabbits

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    Awesome! Thanks Omi. Will squirrel these away somewhere too

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    I agree with Omi.

    Btw, thank you for the willow
    It's stood in a bin in the shed and the girls got the first huge branch on Saturday - they're still working their way through.

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    Haha, it might take them a while! The other willow is getting pollarded too and Iíve got a load of willow trunk that Iím carving out into tunnels. My bunny enclosure is going to look very Ďrusticí

    When I get my act together I will offer some of it on here in exchange for Rescue donations. Otherwise we will be drowning in sticks!

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    Poplar is one of my rabbits' absolute favourites. They'll strip it immediately and often it'll be clear of bark within an hour. All of them work on it virtually the second I get it in their enclosure. Your rabbits are in for a treat.
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    Oooooo! Iíll have my phone out ready for bunny-piranhas



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