Hello everyone,

Over the last few months we’ve been having lots of test on Poppy to find out why she is incontinent.

Initially she tested positive for a UTI which we treated but didn’t solve the incontinence problem.

She’s since had an X-ray, ultrasound, full blood profile including testing for e.cunicili and full culture test on urine extracted when under GA. Everything has come back negative.

We’ve tried her on 2 types of antibiotics as well as Propalin but nothing has made a difference.

We think she is partially incontinent as she sometimes knowingly hops in the litter box, lifts her tail and does a wee. But most of the time when she’s asleep or relaxing there will be a puddle underneath her when she moves and when she’s running she also trickles wee as she goes.

I’ve noticed sometimes she makes a weird burping/air noise when she urinates and doesn’t lift her. Could this mean she’s in pain?

She’s bonded with Larry, they adore each other and she is very happy, bubbly and seems fine in herself otherwise.

They are currently in 100sq ft pen in our dining room which is lined with puppy pads that I change over twice a day (spending a fortune on puppy pads), plus 2 litter boxes every other day. The puppy pads help keep her clean, plus we clean her whenever she needs. We stopped laying fleece, towels and vet bed as this was harder to keep her clean and the laundry was too much.

I’m really looking for advice on looking after an incontinent rabbit. I’m worried they don’t have enough space as Larry used to be free range, but I think this is the maximum we could give them as otherwise the cleaning becomes extensive.

Are there any other tests we should do? Other medication we can try? Could it actually be behavioural for some reason? Or anyone have advice of housing an incontinent rabbit when their friend isn’t incontinent?

Any advice appreciated.


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