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Thread: Incontinent rabbit - looking for advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyMax View Post

    I really hope something can be done, as it's a hard problem to live with over time, as you're finding out.

    I am glad the vet flushed the bladder. Bladders can be quite irritable sometimes and if it is an odd shape, then that may make any problem concerning the bladder chronic and likely to continue.

    I know we've talked about this, but remind me, has this just begun over the last few months or has she always been like this?

    Just to be on the safe side, it's worth thinking about a low calcium diet if you haven't already, and I found this sheet that Frances Harcourt Brown gave me very useful:
    Thanks MightyMax - we’re not actually sure if she’s always been incontinent. We rescued her in May and she wasn’t spayed so we thought the urinating everywhere was down to not being spayed. But then it didn’t get better post spay so we thought it was behavioural and did everything we could think of to litter train her but that didn’t work either... so she’s possibly always been this way the poor thing!

    Will have a read of that link - thank you x

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpayne View Post
    Doughnut was wet for about 6 months as couldn't find out what was wrong with her. One of her problems was slow gut mobility. She was pushing down to toilet but nothing was coming out but urine. She sometimes makes like a pop sound and I know she's urinated. She's on ranitidine permanently as also has acid reflux. She was initially on metaclopramide and she then became dry. I guess you could ask your vets just for a week's worth to see if it improves. Doughnut has tried so many different medicine to find out what worked for her. She had propalin at one stage but it didn't work as he's problem wasn't her bladder.
    I would say get her shaved as when I got doughnut shaved after a while she had little nicks in her skin where the fur was heavy and pulling her skin down. I felt awful
    Good luck
    Hi cpayne - that’s very interesting! She struggles with the size of her poops sometimes actually and there is sometimes a small pile of poos in the middle of wee. Will give vets a call tomorrow to discuss. Thank you x

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    Yes doughnut has poo in her urine. That may well be normal as I've only ever had her. The backs of her legs became very stained now they are white again. Let me know what your vet says. May be worth trying as the medicine won't do any harm for a week. If your bunny doesn't became drier you know it's not that. I was so happy when doughnut got up from a place and there wasn't a wet patch!

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    HI, I have an older bun who has developed urinary problems in the last 12-18 months and have tried a number of things and we have a number of different theories as it is so intermittent.

    Dietary thoughts
    Kale - we could not get this and the incontinence seems to be better (she did not have bladder sludge or stones so calcium was not the issue)
    Leaves outside - not been out as much so she has not been eating these

    She is slower and maybe some of it is being lazy at times if she can not be bothered getting up (bit of arthritis)
    x-rays showed an issue in her spine which my vet thought may be giving her some pain (so we tried metacam)

    To be honest we are not sure, it has been over 2 months since she was wet but when she is wet there is a strong smell of infection so we give her antibiotics for 7-10 days. We tried a few but Septrin seemed to work - you can no longer get this so I have asked my vet about Sulfatrim (sp?) which is the same ingredient (thanks Jack's-Jane).

    Previously we tried Baytril and Penicillin with no affect at all. We also tried Propalin and Incurin and was not convinced. Incurin made her very hormonal and she went off her food so we took her off it and not sure it was helping.

    I would ask your vet to review the x-rays again to see if there is anything that may be causing it other than "bladder" as maybe metacam would help if it was something to do with discomfort/pain and it is also anti-inflammatory.

    The other drugs are also worth trying to see if they will work.

    We too have started to use puppy pads in the beds when she has periods of incontinence and they are great and think they help keep her dry. If it is an ongoing problem I am sure I saw somewhere about nappies.....



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