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I really hope something can be done, as it's a hard problem to live with over time, as you're finding out.

I am glad the vet flushed the bladder. Bladders can be quite irritable sometimes and if it is an odd shape, then that may make any problem concerning the bladder chronic and likely to continue.

I know we've talked about this, but remind me, has this just begun over the last few months or has she always been like this?

Just to be on the safe side, it's worth thinking about a low calcium diet if you haven't already, and I found this sheet that Frances Harcourt Brown gave me very useful:

Thanks MightyMax - we’re not actually sure if she’s always been incontinent. We rescued her in May and she wasn’t spayed so we thought the urinating everywhere was down to not being spayed. But then it didn’t get better post spay so we thought it was behavioural and did everything we could think of to litter train her but that didn’t work either... so she’s possibly always been this way the poor thing!

Will have a read of that link - thank you x

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