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Thread: *Urgent Appeal*- Distressing

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    Quote Originally Posted by MimzMum View Post
    Oh no
    Can this maniac (or maniacs) not be stopped? How very terrible.

    My prayers go out to the owners. xxxx
    It/they have been 'active' for a very long time. I can only assume that the Police know a lot more about the situation than is in the public domain. Arrests have been made, but the people arrested are always subsequently released without charge.

    I simply cannot believe that it is just one perpetrator. I am not sure if that makes it all worse, to think that there could be several sick on the lose x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack's-Jane View Post
    I am not sure if that makes it all worse, to think that there could be several sick on the lose x
    Problem is you always get people trying to copy these things. There may have been one to start with but probably more than one now.
    Wasn't there a copycat killer sometime back that killed a couple of foxes or something? I seem to recall it being very similar but due to a particular detail that hadn't been released at the time about the killings they could tell it wasn't the same person.
    This is getting absolutely ridiculous. As I've said before he/she/they will move on to people (assuming they haven't already). It's only a matter of time. I'm certain that by now they could have caught them if they really put the effort in. It's because it's animals and not considered a priority. Had it been people he/they/whatever were killing they'd have caught them by now I'm sure. Aside from the stupid number of animal deaths there have been now catching them earlier rather than later could save human lives too.
    It's just ridiculous.



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