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Thread: Daphne is sick

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonibun View Post
    Mysterious bunnies! Perhaps she knows you are going away?
    Or that I'm sending them away
    A break from cleaning.

    It would be odd though as they adore their boarder, they give her cuddles and everything. (We get no such thing)

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    Even the strongest need to have a day of weakness

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    Thanks for good thoughts for Bob. Much like Daphne he seems back to normal but then starts looking uncomfortable again. I keep feeding him little and often. Hopefully they will both continue to improve. Your boarder sounds like they know what they are doing and will monitor her well. Frustrating not understanding why it starts or how long it is going to last. He can go for weeks without an episode and then it just happens out of the blue. Fur ingestion? Bolting food? Being grumpy and down in the dumps? Clutching at straws now.....!
    Best wishes for Daphne x

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