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Did the brother's bond break down after neutering and being reintroduced? Was it an easy bond?
The brother's bond was rocky just before being neutered then I (in ignorance) put them back together too soon after neutering and they fought (no injuries thank goodness but frequent unhappy noises from Snowflake and aggrssion from Frosty).

Once they had been completely apart for a few weeks and I introduced them to the does the bond was pretty straightforward. I enjoyed it even though it was stressful. It was ever so fascinating to watch the way they all interacted.

Oh initally I tried to add a well established m/f pair, Mottle and Peaches (f). however Frosty and Mottle went for each other (Frosty had a small hole in his ear for a while after that) so I took M and P (who just hid in a litter tray and made no attempt at any kind of interaction) out and things settled.

I bonded them for about a week in a large pen in my bedroom before putting them into the shed/run.