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Thread: Best way to sell willow branches

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    Default Best way to sell willow branches

    Hi all

    Iíve cut a bundle of branches off my downed willow tree (see pic below) and would like to sell whatever is left over after donations online. Hopefully I can make a bit of cash to donate to the bunny rescue where I volunteer. I have a couple questions as Iíve never bought willow online before, so if anyone could answer these or has any other advice, that would be awesome - thanks guys

    1) What condition should the willow be in to se d (dried, freshly cut, washed, bundled etc)

    2) What length/width should the pieces be

    3) should I sell pieces of the trunk, too?

    4) Where should I sell it?

    5) How should I post/package it (e.g. courier/Royal Mail/collection only)

    Thank you

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    Assuming the willow hasn't been sprayed with herbicide or pesticide, it should be safe. Unless it is particularly muddy, I wouldn't bother washing it - just cut to suitable lengths to fit in eg a large jiffy bag or box (eg cereal or xmas chocolate boxes) if you are posting it out. It will be OK 'fresh' if it is stored properly, and will naturally dry out. Some people may like longer, thinner bendy pieces to make eg willow balls. Work out how much you can send by the most affordable route eg Royal Mail website gives package size and weight. Letters shapes are cheaper than boxes.

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    Thanks Shimmer We do not use herbicides or insecticides etc in our garden, mainly because I forage all the bunny safe plants and flowers for fresh/dehydrating. So at least I wonít have to wash them then. Some of the branches are 3 times my height with many thinner bendy bits, perhaps I need to trim all the cut offs down and sort by size before doing anything else. Are the thicker bits better for bunnies then, rather than the whips? (I tend to give my bunnies apple branch cut offs to strip.)

    I wonder if itís better to dry them out first so the postage is less, though I donít know which people prefer for their fluffies.
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    I think for those collecting it may be easier to allow them to get any fresh bits.
    Those being posted may be better dried first, but depending on how long it takes to sell it all, it may naturally dry out by them anyway.

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    This is true - there is an awful lot of them, it may take a while to sell. Thank goodness it was lopped last year, else the whole garden would be covered!



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