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    I'm posting here in the hope of some help.

    A family member of mine has taken in rabbits in the need of a home in the past and because of that friends/family have taken for granted the fact that they will always have them. The problem is, over the past few years (but last year especially) said family member has had some troubles themselves (metal health, loss of a job, not getting enough to get by on at new job) and is therefore finding it hard to cope with all of the rabbits they have. A couple of the rabbits 'given' to them have been pregnant and the hutches (they are large double ones inside aviaries) are falling apart.

    I am taking some rabbits from them myself and they have borrowed money (from me so no date to pay back) for new sheds/aviaries to replace the ones that are too broken to fix.

    I'm currently trying to rehome 11 rabbits (2 babies which can leave in a couple of weeks), and 6 boys and 3 girls (most uneutered (not living with each other!) as the money ran out before all could be done).

    The family member involved is reluctant to 'dump' them on a rescue as she feels they have enough with rabbits that have no where and no one to look after them and they are being looked after - she's just exhausting herself and her finances.

    I'm trying to rehome them as she doesn't have access to a computer but know that they are more likely to find homes if they are neutered. I'm considering fundraising or selling things with everything going to the rabbits neutering/vaccination costs and then trying to rehome them.

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or can help as I don't think she can cope much longer and I don't think I can either as I'm subsidising more and more each month.

    I'm willing to do all of the leg work - vets trips and driving them to new homes (fm doesn't drive).


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    Hope you get some help x
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    There is a Rabbits in Need section of the forum.

    You could ask one of the moderators for advice on posting details of your rabbits there.

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    Oh dear, such a sad situation, it sounds like they had good intentions but things have become too much.

    I'm not sure what to suggest, are you able to say roughly where in the country you are, in case anyone on here can help or advise? x

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    We're are in Cambridgeshire - rabbits are near Wisbech and I am in Peterborough.

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    I live in Cambridge. I can't help in terms of rehoming etc but if she ever needs help with cleaning etc I'd be happy to come lend a hand.

    ETA - Best to inbox me as I don't get notifications on here anymore :/

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