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Thread: Nine Rabbits-*WARNING-Distressing Images on Post 5*

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    That really is sad, good on you JJ.

    You really do take beautiful bun photos x

    **created by my DD Lionheadlop**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig 1965 View Post
    Oh my word - you can see the sheer fright in that poor buns eyes. Her whole body language screams help me. She is a beautiful looking rabbit - why on earth would she be mistreated. I am so pleased that you intervened but so sad you were arrested for theft. Sadly this shows the sheer stupidity of our laws - when someone so caring and kind acts for the welfare of an animal that clearly needs help and support ends up being subject to total injustice. I hope very much that the Alysia's wounds will heal and so glad she is now safe and having the happy life she rightly deserves.
    This all happened many years ago and I wish I could say I know for certain what became of Alysia. A few more details from a post in an old thread on here :

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack's-Jane View Post
    Then of course there was the little bit of bother I got into with the Police regarding me removing some extremely 'at risk' Rabbits from a Backyard Breeder. The RSPCA had already given the Breeder a 5 year ban from keeping Horses/Ponies after being found guilty of cruelty and neglect. So the BYB moved on to doing the same to Rabbits...........

    After being made aware of the dire situation at the BYB's premises myself and another person set about getting as many sick and injured Rabbits out as we could by posing as people wanting to buy a Rabbit.. What we did not know was that allegedly the RSPCA were building another case against the BYB . Whether this was true or not I will never know. But the RSPCA subsequently claimed that I had sabbotaged their case by removing the sick and injured Rabbits. Again, if that was true I dont know. By (stupidly) posting about our Rescue mission on here the BYB was tipped off about it. BYB called the Police and accused me of theft. Theft of Rabbits in this state:

    Alysia- chemical burns, untreated

    Big Libby after C operated on her to remove an enormous abscess that was within a mm of penetrating her spine. Big Libby was only about 10 weeks old

    The Police arrested me, I was DNA swabbed, fingerprinted and an attempt made to take my mug-shot. But the camera broke !! I was held in Police custody for several hours and interviewed on tape under caution. I showed the Detective photos of the injured Rabbits and explained the exact circumstances. C also spoke with the Police and provided evidence of all the emergency Veterinary treatment both Rabbits had received whilst in my care. But the Police made it clear that unless I returned the Rabbits to the BYB I would be charged. I could not send them back to the hell-hole. But I could not remain in Police custody as I had over 30 other Rabbits who relied on me. So I said I would only hand the Rabbits over to the RSPCA. It turned out the the BYB only wanted Alysia back, the BYB did not care if I kept Big Libby or if the other person kept the Rabbits she had removed. I found out later that the reason the BYB wanted Alysia back was because Alysia was pregnant. The BYB told the Police that the Kits would 'make a lot of money' when put up for sale..................

    I really, really did not want to hand Alysia over to the RSPCA, but in order to be released from Police custody I had to. It broke my heart as to this day I do not know what became of her. The RSPCA would not tell me or C. These are two of the 4 other photos I have of Alysia

    Big Libby remained with us. She recovered from ordeal and she grew to be the most gentle Rabbit.

    As some of you know, I eventually bonded her with Morse.

    There is more to this story, but it is not appropriate to post it all on a public forum. Suffice to say that not everyone who follows Rabbit Forums does so for their love of Rabbits

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    I guess it was quite a while ago, but I remember the photos of Aylsia well.
    Caspian sends his

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