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Thread: Rabbit less interested in eating hay?

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    Yeah - he won't really let me check his teeth, at the most I can muster spotting the top portion. Is it supposed to have discoloration if there's a problem? They're pretty white and look decent to me. The only way I can 'tell' is when he yawns. His gums are pink. Problem if they look curled or yellowish? ( i'm looking over various different images indicating some form of dental issues ). I'll keep an eye on him if the possibility arises, overall can be concluded he needs less pellets.

    My rabbit does teeth grinding a lot, specifically when I pet him - however it has been taken into account he does it while he's happy throughout its expanse. He does it occasionally when he's chilling so I don't know what that really means, other than that - he doesn't really make it loud? ( my hearing is a bit damaged so I can't say for 100% accuracy ).

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    Problem is with rabbits and their tiny mouths is it makes home monitoring difficult and really only a dental check at the vets can confirm using an otoscope.

    The teeth grinding can mean pain and discomfort, but if itís only while petting this could be your bunny doing it because itís really enjoying the fuss. Mine does it also when heís super calm and lays his head on the floor, for cheek teeth health they periodically grind their teeth to keep them worn.

    As for the non hay eating, like others have said less pellets did the trick with my fussy two. An egg cup a day is the right amount (roughly) and to trick them you can sprinkle the pellets in the hay so they eat the hay too. You can also make the hay more fun and tasty by adding dry forage leaves, flowers or herbs (all bunny safe of course!).

    I know itís difficult when they start getting fussy!

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    Is he shut in a cage that is too small to take a litter tray? Rabbits need to run and jump. Hopefully you mean it is his base. A puppy pen round it is a good way to give extra space without the expense of another cage.

    Hope you find out the cause of his minimal hay eating.

    I have four rabbits in a 6 x 6x shed with a 7 x 5 run available 24/7. They have three handfulls of pellets a day between them and three large underbed storage boxes with newspaper and hay and a magazine rack with hay which is topped up twice a day.

    I love rexes. Would love to see a picture.



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